Neighbor Hosting

This site’s pretty great if we do say so ourselves!

You can sign up to create your own blog and even grab some hot templates created right here at Zebedee!  The hosting packages are incredibly reasonable too.

If you’re looking to begin your web presence then this is your first stop!  Want to create your own online store?  No problem, these guys have you covered there too.  Check out the site now!

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One Response to Neighbor Hosting

  1. Hey,
    Fez here

    Well this does look interesting John,
    As far as I get perusing this site as long as I think a normal person would; you offer decently compelling messages and text clear & not ‘busy’ style. promises of feature rich packages, etc: But I don’t see a clear jump /follow to here’s our customer list // sites & Cv extensively.
    The Blog your product approach w/ cart sounds interesting. (I have low vision worse then computer geeks therefore maybe I missed that link ;z-) ‘It’s all Good’ – I just thought I’d say hi.

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