EPIC-X meets Zebedee Films

Hey Guys,

We want to thank you for coming to our site!  We also wanted to let you know what is going on right now with the EPIC-X program.  Zebedee Films has been working with the RED One #181 since it was released and love it!   For a full package listing of this camera please visit  RED One Rentals and check out the gear. We are also, like many others, anxiously awaiting our EPIC-X.  We are in stage two for this release which currently means, we should get the camera in August of 2011.  These releases go by RED number and since we are #181, we are hoping to be one of first to get our EPIC-X.

The current stage two package includes an EPIC-X Brain, Titanium PL Mount, Side SSD Module, 5″ Touchscreen LCD, REDmote, Module Adaptor, Pro Battery Module, 2 REDvolt Batteries and Travel Charger.  We also have a couple 128GB SSD’s, the Quick Release Plate, the Viewfactor Top Plate, and other goodies awaiting the arrival of our camera. To get information on our EPIC-X camera or to schedule a shoot with us, please visit the Contact Us page and let us know what’s up!

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