RED One Rental Package

RED One Production Package:

Camera Package:
RED ONE camera body,base plate, rods, cables
Element Technicabreakout box adapts mini BNC’s to fullsize.
Two 320 Gb raids, and four 8 Gb RED compact flash cards
1 AC to RED camera power adapter
Two RED batteries, charger, RED battery belt clip for handheld or steadycam work.
One 5″ RED LCD monitor with Israeli arm, one RED EVF
Bogan 3066 head and Bogan 3068 sticks.
Redrock Micro Matte Box with a 2 stage rotating filter holder.
An assortment of Eleven Tiffen 4×4 filters.
Zacuto follow focus. 

8 Nikkor prime lenses modified for Cinema use;
135mm f1.8,
105mm f2.0,
85mm f1.4,
50mm f1.4,
35mm f1.4,
28mm f2.8,
24mm f2.0,
20mm f3.5,
55mm Micro f2.8,
Tokina 11-16 zoom,
Nikon 17-200 zoom

Camera Package with Operator/AC/or Tech: $750 per day


D.I.T. Package:
MacBook Pro
RED Cart
24″ Monitor
APC Battery Back-up
D.I.T. Package with Tech: $500 per day

Save 20% on 3+ days

$300 minimum.¬†These rates are for a 10 hour day. Out of area requires a hotel and $30 a day per Diem. Overtime will be charged at the same hourly rate as the day rate. I’m not super strict on this, but don’t test your luck. I bill a full travel day at $200.


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