Epic-X 101 is here!

It’s been a wild ride this week here at Zebedee Films!

It started at 3PM on Monday when a very large package arrived from San Diego, CA.  Yes.  Our RED Epic-X had finally arrived!

The unboxing went rather quickly, with the boxes and packaging quickly tossed aside the way excited kids do on Christmas.  The camera itself comes with a beautiful case worthy of the camera name.  Having anticipated it’s arrival for several weeks, we had separately purchased many additional accessories, modules, and lenses we knew would be needed to begin shooting right away.

Unfortunately, the pro LCD touchscreen wouldn’t display.  We hooked up a secondary monitor via HD-SDI and saw that the ‘touch’ portion actually worked, but we obviously couldn’t see which menus we were activating in order to get it working well.  With the Side-handle and REDmote on backorder, we began to worry.  Fortunately for us there was no need.  RED came through as they always do with amazing customer service.  They sent us a shipping label so we could overnight the faulty touchscreen back to them.  They weren’t able to locate a touchscreen as a loner so they sent us a side-handle instead.  We’d be able to use this along with the LCD screen from our RED One to be able to control the camera.

We shipped the screen out on Tuesday and received our sidehandle on Wednesday.  We eagerly booted the camera and shot our first Epic-X footage, offloaded it from camera, and then uploaded it to the interwebs:

Now, while the idea of shooting home movies in 5k is rather exciting, we had to get down to business.  Thursday we had a commercial scheduled with the extremely creative folks over at Ground Up.  We were shooting a new video for the Culpepper Kurland guys who’s previous commercial got some attention:

We brought both the Epic-X 101 and the trusty RED One 181.  We shot an entire day on green screen at the WEDU studio in Tampa.  We’ll be posting up a review of how the Epic-X handled it’s first full day and some of our thoughts on the RED workflow in a future post.


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