EPIC-X Green Screen Shoot with Ground-Up Films

We have had some exciting shoots this past week with some long time friends! One of those was with Ground-Up films. Please check out the previous video we did with them here and their website here!


They called us with another project they had planned to use the Red One for, but it didn’t take much to get them shooting EPIC-X instead! Especially when you are shooting on green screen, you want to get as much resolution and as little compression as possible. We were shooting at Full 5k all day with a 7:1 compression ratio.  We went with the 7:1 compression ratio because it is a good medium ground between 3:1 (massive files sizes) and 12:1 (which is good enough for most footage). Most of the footage was shot slightly over-cranked at 30fps based on a 24fps time base. We stayed on our Red 18-85mm T2.9 Zoom lens all day. We love this lens! It is such a sharp lens and even though it vignettes a little at 18mm, it feels super-wide! We have considered getting a PL doubler for it, just to give us a little more range on the telephoto end. The camera performed perfectly!  Thanks again to the Director, Brandon Windish and DP, Jon Wolding! It is always mind-blowing what these guys do!

We know that everyone is very interested in getting their hands on 5k footage so we are including a .R3D frame grab with this post! You can download that frame here. This is a .R3D snapshot of Brandon Windish. Apparently he isn’t afraid of being on either side of the camera =)


This is a highly compressed .jpg for reference =)

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  1. He’s sexy!

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