Viper Killer?

Hello friends! We had a great opportunity to hang out with some of our friends from UCF this weekend! What started as a test of the EPIC’s high frame rates soon evolved into a full short film. This happens when you mix high quality production gear with creative film students like¬†Cornelius Michael O’Donoghue and Geoff Levy.

We were a little crunched on time but ¬†we worked hard to get as much footage as we could. The full short film will take a bit of time to edit, but we wanted to make sure our friends get to see a clip! We shot this clip at 300fps @ 2k resolution. The 2k resolution is a cropped image from the 5k which makes the shot more telephoto. We used our 18-85mm T2.9 with a few ND’s in the mattebox. The shot here is not the final grade, but does have a little curves and saturation thrown in. We are excited to be able to use this camera in place of what would have previously required a Phantom flex camera. Once you have this slow motion footage its incredible to see how much slower you can take it with Twixtor. We hope everyone enjoys and please leave your comments after the break!

Need further evidence this footage could be made into super high fps shots? Check out this video on Vimeo. This is red footage processed by Twixtor to be 4800 fps!

(The feather clip was not shot by Zebedee Films, nor did we process it through Twixtor.)

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