Epic-X 101: The Pen and the Sword

So the Epic-X 101 is here.  In full force.  And while we’ll be posting tons of exceptional footage and information about our experiences and process of working with this revolutionary camera system for this post we’re gonna take a minute and share a bit of our philosophy with the 101.

Receiving the 101st camera off the epic-x line is an extreme honor.  We’re truly grateful to all the folks who have helped make this happen.  The number 101 itself has a variety of connotations which really have us excited. So, to borrow an old question, Which is mightier the pen or the sword? With the 101, we aim to bring both.


The Pen

At our core, Zebedee Films makes working with students a big priority.  Over the past 3 years we’ve taken the RED ONE #181 to local film schools and given the students the opportunity to learn the camera, shoot some footage, and learn about the workflow solutions available for RED raw.

The sincere enthusiasm of the students both encourages and inspires us in our own pursuit of beautiful cinematography (plus they tend to push us creatively which we don’t always get from tvc work).

It’s a big win for the students, but it’s also a huge benefit to us.  Every new student who shoots on RED is a future director/producer/DP who’ll remember their experiences.  We aim to see this generation of filmmakers embace shooting with RED – and to get the most out of their footage!

With our new Epic-X, we’re providing students with a ‘101’ on RED’s latest technology.


The Sword

It’s no secret to any reduser, that Jim Jannard, CEO of RED is at war with planned obsolescence and mediocrity in the camera industry.  We love this.  We 100% support Jim in this.  The number 101 has a ton of meaning for us here as well.  The story of the Screaming Eagles, the 101st Airborne Division (specifically “Easy Company”), during World War II was made famous by the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. My brother and I have devoured the series multiple times.  It inspires us, humbles us, and pushes us to be our best.

Courage, perseverance, and outstanding loyalty are qualities synonymous with the 101st and with RED.  With our new Epic-X, our aim is to bring those same qualities to every job and every client we have.

These things aren’t new for us.  Education and excellence have been in our DNA from the beginning.  We’re stoked by what we’ve accomplished thus far and eagerly anticipating so much more. With Epic #101 we’re bringing our A-game – the pen and the sword – each and every day.

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