About Us

Zebedee Films creates high-quality productions using the most advanced, high-definition technology available.  Zebedee Films is a young, highly-motivated team that is local, mobile and ready to fit your needs!  We’ll help you take your idea from vision to reality.  Switching to digital means less waste and more energy efficient equipment so it’s even better for the environment!

Zebedee Films provides an experienced team (well ok, the two of us and we’re brothers) well versed in digital cinema and specializing in RED camears.  Whether your needs are commercial, video training, a product demonstration, feature film, or anything else we’ve got a team that can build it for you!

Starting with the Red ONE camera and now shooting on the 5k Epic #101 we have the experience and solutions you need for shooting:

  • Framerates as high as 300 fps in 2K resolution!
  • HDR-X for shooting in tricky indoor/outdoor lighting arrangements
  • Extremely mobile and lightweight.  Save huge on time for camera moves

Zebedee Films was started by brothers John and Mason James in 2007 – though they’ve been shooting video, playing, fighting, and working together their whole lives.

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