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Samples of our work and featured videos

Epic Swimming

Hello Friends! We have been very busy here at Zebedee Films with lots of new projects, but we love it when we finally get to see a project finished and posted online! Today we are posting one of the first shoots we did with our RED EPIC camera. This was an idea written by Cornelius […]

EPIC-X Green Screen Shoot with Ground-Up Films

We have had some exciting shoots this past week with some long time friends! One of those was with Ground-Up films. Please check out the previous video we did with them here and their website here!   They called us with another project they had planned to use the Red One for, but it didn’t take […]

Viper Killer?

Hello friends! We had a great opportunity to hang out with some of our friends from UCF this weekend! What started as a test of the EPIC’s high frame rates soon evolved into a full short film. This happens when you mix high quality production gear with creative film students like Cornelius Michael O’Donoghue and Geoff […]

Joel + Emily – Engagement

Zebedee Films is known for its video work, but not everyone knows they have their roots in photography.  John Goodbrad started doing photography for fun in high school and moved to films in college but occasionally a friend comes to him with a photography project that he just can’t pass up. This project seemed impossible from the […]

Josh and Laura Wedding Video Teaser

What is generally considered to be the most important day of your life? Your wedding day is filled with some of the most important memories. This makes the photos and video priceless. We have had a chance to do a couple weddings with our good friend Ryan Bodie and Studio 26 Productions. He is a […]

Eden and Guillaume Wedding Video Teaser

Weddings are beautiful and this one was especially so. The Ringling Mansion is home to over 10,000 pieces of art and makes an exceptional backdrop for a wedding. This video is another collaboration with Ryan Bodie and Studio 26. Check out the video after the break,

DENIED! Short Film

This was a promo for an author that is promoting his book of a similar title…. heh, yes I did say book.  Zebedee Films worked with Ryan Bodie to help him draw interest to his new release! The author is Keith Campbell and the book is here. We recommend both. This is for those looking […]

Culpepper Kurland Commercial – “Frozen”

Zebedee Films partnered with Ground-Up films to make this incredible commercial. Ground-Up wrote this high concept idea and we shot it using the RED One camera.  We have really enjoyed working with these guys and know their talented. If your in Tampa check them out! Video after the break,

Sound Express – “Broken” Music Video

We were shooting a short film up in Orlando and DP Geoff Levy asked us if we wanted to join him on a music video. Turns out this band called  “Sound Express” knows how to jam! We can’t wait to work with these guys again. Best of luck to the talented group of guys in […]

Bubblegum Smackers

Zebedee Films had an opportunity to join up with some students at UCF to shoot their capstone project. Working with the Director, Lindsay Garvin, and the DP, Geoff Levy, has been a great experience. Proof that film school is raising up some incredible talent here in Florida! Zebedee Films camera operator John Goodbrad helped them […]